UCAPP Workshops


UCAPP Workshops are:

  • Designed to supplement UCAPP’s core curriculum by offering extensions to UCAPP’s current principal preparation program courses and internship opportunities.
  • Optional and participation may count toward the internship.
  • Facilitated to provide a collaborative, hands-on adult learning experience utilizing authentic case studies, real and simulated data, artifacts and documents, and simulations.

Group engaged in conversation.  Text includes: UCAPP Workshop Series and directs you to a recent article on the workshops being offered.

Parking @ UConn Hartford campus

For UCAPP Workshops (Hartford): The most convenient place to park is in the Front Street South Garage (corner of Arch Street and Front Street Crossing).  The entrance / exit is located directly across the street from the UConn Hartford campus.

Calendar / Registration (2018-2019)

Up Next

Click the title below for pre-work and other useful documents and resources related to the next UCAPP Workshop.  We post here a few days prior to each session.

Completed (2018-2019)

Useful Documents & Resources

These documents and resources will be useful to our work this year and beyond.