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Wallace UPPI @ UConn: Transforming the Connecticut Principalship


The University of Connecticut Administrator Preparation Program (UCAPP) is a school leadership preparation program in the Neag School of Education. UCAPP’s mission is to prepare highly qualified school leaders to promote equity and excellence in schools throughout Connecticut.

Our self-assessment against the Quality Measures rubric revealed that our principal preparation program is performing well in the areas of candidate recruitment and selection. Yet this process also surfaced evidence indicating that we can make significant improvement in the areas of content and pedagogy, supervised clinical practice, and measuring our graduates’ impact on school, teacher and student performance.

To meet the aims of UPPI, we will form a Networked Improvement Community (NIC) with our state and district partners as well as the exemplar program(s) that will serve as our mentor in the improvement process. The purposeful structure, format, and activities of the NIC will both deepen and accelerate our redesign. The NIC will concentrate our efforts on drawing upon the knowledge and expertise of leaders from partner districts, state-level administrators, and University faculty. We propose that this collaboration will enable our team to make significant changes to the 1) content and pedagogy of principal preparation instruction; 2) supervised clinical practice; and 3) measurement of graduates’ impact.