The Traditional cohort model is the original UCAPP model which has served more than 20 years and 60 cohorts. The Traditional cohort serves the interests of aspiring building-level, program, and/or district-level leaders who wish to have a preparation experience that brings together students from districts around the state.


  • Employs a traditional course-based structure.
  • Internship experiences are arranged by geographic locations and are completed outside the student’s home school and district.
  • Mentor principals are vetted using rigorous selection criteria.
  • Clinical supervisors employed by the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) guide students in their internship.


Q: Who can apply to the UCAPP Traditional cohort?

A: Any Connecticut-certified educator with at least three years of teaching experience who is interested in school-based leadership. The Traditional cohort is a good fit for those who aspire to become principals, assistant principals or district-level administrators (except Superintendent which requires completion of a 093 program).


Traditional Cohort, 2016 brochure