The UCAPP Residency focuses on preparing highly effective principal candidates to lead schools needing dramatic improvement, or those often called “turnaround” schools. The UCAPP Residency is an initiative of LEAD Connecticut, a collaboration among organizations with deep expertise on leadership and leadership development, joining together to propose a comprehensive and sustainable leadership development pipeline for the state of Connecticut.


  • Residents spend 80% of their time during the school year serving in an administrative capacity in a school, taking on authentic leadership responsibilities under the supervision of a carefully selected mentor principal.
  • The UCAPP Residency emphasizes competency development in areas proven to be effective in turnaround settings: instructional leadership, human capital, operations and strategic planning, school culture, and personal leadership.
  • Graduates have access to a community of practice run by LEAD Connecticut to reinforce competency development during their first year as a principal.

Q: Who can apply to the UCAPP Residency cohort?

A: Currently, applying to the UCAPP Residency is an option only for Connecticut-certified educators with at least three years of teaching experience who work in districts partnering with LEAD Connecticut to develop turnaround school leaders. Candidates must be nominated by the superintendent.


Residency Cohort, 2016 brochure