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The chart below outlines the 32 credits in the UCAPP program of study.  Course sequence varies between cohorts and will be detailed at both the fall information and spring orientation sessions.

Note: One additional 3-credit course may be required if you do not have documentation of successful completion of a learning theory course  (or its equivalent as determined by the UCAPP Director) within the last five years.

  Table 1: Coursework for UCAPP

Course Number Course Title Credits
EDLR 5092 Special Education Topics for Administrators 3
EDLR 5302 Program Evaluation for School Improvement 3
EDLR 5303 Supervision of Educational Organizations 3
EDLR 5304 Curriculum Laboratory 3
EDLR 5305 Legal Aspects of Education 2
EDLR 5306 School Leadership and Administration of Educational Organizations 3
EDLR 5307 Contemporary Education Policy Issues 3
EDLR 5310 Creating and Sustaining a Positive School Climate 3
EDLR 5092 Practicum 9
Total 32


[1] Students may have to take an additional three-credit learning theory course if they have not taken such a course within the last five years.