Frequently Asked Questions

A piece of paper reads "Essential Qualities of an Effective Leader"

Q: Are UCAPP courses taught online or in person?

A: The UCAPP program offers hybrid instructional delivery. Summer courses are predominantly online, while 50% of all class sessions in the fall and spring semesters are in-person and 50% are online.

Q: Can I transfer into UCAPP?

A: Because the cohort experience is essential to our leadership development model, we do not accept transfers.

Q: Is UCAPP the right program for me if my goal is to obtain a school leadership position in curriculum, special education, or special program?

A: Many of our graduates currently serve in district leadership roles, but our focus in UCAPP is to prepare qualified and capable principals. We believe the school-level leadership perspective is important to successful district-level leadership.

Q: Can I complete my internship in my current school or assignment?

A: Internships may be completed at your home school, or where you work. An optional external placement at a site outside of your home school and/or district can be arranged upon request.