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Competencies Close Gaps in Ed Leadership Prep

AACTE Presents: The University Principal Preparation Initiative featuring Program Coordinator, Dr. Richard Gonzales and current student Symone James.

In our last episode, we dove into identifying the gaps between “learning” and “doing”, highlighting the work of University Principal Preparation Initiative. We learned that through thoughtful planning using frameworks developed by Wallace to address the growing need for more collaboration between districts and universities. In this episode, we’re going to dive into a case study of how one UPPI program at University of Connecticut and what they’ve learned from their program redesign. We spoke at length with Richard Gonzales, who oversees the principalship and superintendency program at UConn and serves as the director of UConn's UPPI initiative project, specifically about the redesign of their core assessments. Dr. Gonzalez and current program candidate Symone James, explain the core assessments, how they were tied to clinical practice and what that structure accomplished in closing the “learning” and “doing” gap of principal preparation.

Alumnus Miguel Cardona Tapped to Be Biden’s Education Secretary

The Neag School of Education highlights EDLR alum, Miguel Cardona ’01 MA, ’04 6th Year, ’11 Ed.D., ’12 ELP as “President-elect Joe Biden’s choice to be the country’s top education official. If confirmed by the Senate, this would mark the first time a University of Connecticut alum has held a Cabinet-level position in the White House.”

Improving the Future of Principal Training

This is a series of articles profiling the University of Connecticut’s efforts to strengthen its principal training program. The university is one of seven institutions participating in The Wallace Foundation's University Principal Preparation Initiative (UPPI), which seeks to help improve training of future principals so they are better prepared to ensure quality instruction and schools. 

The University of Connecticut's Administrator Preparation Program (UCAPP) is committed to developing and preparing transformational school leaders with the competence and disposition to effect school policies and practices that realize equitable achievement, participation, service, and support outcomes for every student.

Changing Principal Preparation to Help Meet School Needs

Group of students sitting at desks in a circle.  Text reads: UConn Principal Prep Program.  Photo credit: Wallace Foundation

A University of Connecticut director describes his program’s attempts to improve principal training and equip new administrators to lead today’s schools. More...

Taking Principal Training to the Real World

Joanne Manginelli discussing with two affiliates from the Wallace Foundation.  Photo credit: Wallace Foundation

The University of Connecticut strengthens supports to help aspiring principals navigate new roles. More...

It Takes a Village to Train an Effective Principal

Dr. Richard Gonzales shaking hands with a UPPI affiliate.  Text reads: UConn Principal Prep Program.  Photo credit: Wallace Foundation

Close partnerships with school districts and the state help the University of Connecticut strengthen principal training. More...

Weaving Equity into the Fabric of Principal Training

Snapshot of students listening to a presentation from their seats.  Text reads: UConn Principal Prep Program.  Photo credit: Wallace Foundation

In its redesigned principal prep program, UConn is working to prepare leaders who will help ensure equity in education. More...

A Road to More Effective Principals Begins in One University’s Classrooms

UPPI instructor presenting in an auditorium during the 2019 UCAPP Change Project Day. Text reads: UConn Principal Prep Program. Photo credit: Wallace Foundation

A University of Connecticut professor describes how one principal preparation program is redesigning its curriculum to begin improving principal training. More...

Embracing the Unknown in New Approaches to Principal Preparation

Dr. Richard Gonzales at a conference table with three other UPPI affiliates.  Text reads: UConn Principal Prep Program.  Photo Credit: Wallace Foundation

University of Connecticut faculty members reflect on adaptations they made to strengthen their principal preparation program. More...

Learning to Navigate the Uncertainties of School Leadership

Auditorium filled room of students listening.  Text reads: UConn Principal Prep Program.  Photo credit: Wallace Foundation

Four aspiring principals at the University of Connecticut get a glimpse of the work that lies ahead. More...